Thursday, September 22, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Show me yours...

As everyone is prepping for fashion week and it is becoming harder and harder to book a model for a full day, show packages are circulating, the city is filled with tall lanky girls running frantically around town to multiple castings.  As a photographer I do not get to receive the printed packages, but do check them out online to see the new models at my favorite agencies and try to think forward to next seasons editorials.  

I am always impressed with Wilhelmina's design and packaging.  Their package always includes a clever t shirt and tote.  This year is a cheeky play on their name paired with some more classic design.  Every season I see theses shirts and covet them (and I am not a t shirt wearer, but there is always an exception).  Check out more of the package at  

If anyone knows where I can get one..... hint, hint, hint.

This was the incredible design from the SS11 package.  They shot all their girls wearing vintage metal shirts and included in the package was this SUPER AMAZING shirt.  I do secretly love heavy metal.